The rules will be regarded as less stringent. If there are additional charges, they will be agreed with the user before recharging. The relevant rules will be created to prevent certain travellers from vandalizing a beautiful environment that is not easy to establish. Please do not worry that we will be free to use the specifications to charge you. We hope to provide you with a good travel experience.

• I am very glad that you stayed at Green Park-Tokyo Premium B&B. During your stay, we will not be enrolled to ensure personal privacy. keeping the environment tidy will make you more comfortable during your stay! We have prepared security measures (regular replacement of door lock code and key and door installation)

• The elevator and the camera and the security patrol from time to time), but the valuables must be carried with you. When you leave, lock the doors and windows. We cannot be responsible for the loss of valuables during your stay

• The kits for the bedding will be changed before each check-in. If the check-in time is within 4 days, the towels & bath towels will be prepared by everyone. If the stay is more than 4 nights, two sets of towels & bath towels will be provided. Please use the washing machine to change the towels alternately. &bath towel. Each bed is quilted with pillows, so don't use the quilts and pillows in the cupboard. If you need to use, please inform and extra charge.

• You can contact us at airbnb. The service hours are from 12:00 to 7:00. There is a need for assistance.

• This time first contact, will give priority to deal with. You can leave a message to us after the service time expires.We will give priority to reply your question after work, if it is related to personal safety. • For emergencies, please call the external security service personnel 08054293281 (remember the country code + roaming). You can speak Chinese and Japanese and basic English, under emergency conditions.

• All costs incurred will be paid in full by Green Park; if you do not call for personal safety emergency, please pay for the security service yourself and we will pay it before departure.

• If malicious harassment of customer service, can not communicate Green Park has the right to cancel the follow-up directly without refund, please pay special attention!

• Kitchen utensils/laundry equipment are provided for additional borrowing by the guests, so please clean the dishes or put the rubbish on the trash after use; If after you check out, the borrowed equipment is not kept clean and tidy.Cleaning fee of JPY 5,000 will be deducted from the deposit through the booking platform. Please pay special attention.

• Do not bring guests into the room. We will use the gates and the elevator monitoring system to make judgments. If we find that you bring someone into the house without permission, you will be charged double the rent.

• On the first day after check-in, please confirm according to this manual whether there is a device defect. If so, please inform us immediately to help you make it up!

• If you do not inform the hotel two days prior to your check-in, you will notice that there is something missing from the property and the tenant will be responsible for the loss.

• All equipment in the room cannot be taken away. Otherwise, all the equipment will be considered stealing.Please pay special attention

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